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Found footage kitch folk horror, Dagr, is the latest feature film from Fizz and Ginger. Shot on location in Wales in May 2023, the recently finished film directed by Matthew Butler-Hart was co-written by Matthew and Tori with additional dialogue by the cast. In true keeping with this horror sub-genre, the diegetic filming by the characters immerses the audience fully into the action.  


Cast includes Riz Moritz (The Phoebus Files), Ellie Duckles (The A List), Emma King (The Vanishing), Graham Butler (Penny Dreadful), Tori Butler-Hart (The Isle) and Matt Barber (Downton Abbey).


Emire quote Dagr Quad.png

Two young women seeking internet stardom pose as catering staff on a fashion commercial in Wales. Unbeknownst to the Ad team their plan is to film themselves stealing all the expensive merchandise and post it on their Youtube channel. However when they arrive at the location there's no-one there. Seeing this as the perfect opportunity to set up hidden cameras and get started on the theft, they discover an iPad which holds footage of the commercial shot so far. But what starts out as a glossy black and white homage to Jean-Luc Goddard, soon turns into a Craven-esque paranormal nightmare.



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